News from the Barefoot Chisankano Community School

Greetings from Barefoot-Chisankano Community School. We want to furnish you with what we have done this year. (from January to July 2021) We have had an amazing journey despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

We opened school on the 1st of February, 2021 and we thank God that all the learners and the members of staff were in good health. The term was quite an experience as we did some interesting activities that were beneficial to the school.

Normal lessons were conducted as usual, on 17th of February, we had tree planting for silver jubilee. We planted twenty five trees to mark the existence of Barefoot-Chisankano Community School. The school also organized a day of peace and unity for the learners and on the same day which was March 4th, we had a privilege of blessing the grotto by Father Jossepe, a Neo-catechumen (Luendo) priest. Mass was conducted and this was an incredible experience for the school.

In the same month the school invited professional Art experts (Mr. Chiyeso Danny and the team) to teach the learners about art specifically drawing and painting. The lessons were conducted for a week because each class was given the whole day learning about drawing and painting. Each class drew and painted their own drawing of their choice. On the last day of 10th March, the school held an art exhibition and the drawings were displayed on the school walls. We danced and sang with the learners. In attendance was sister Gabrielle and the Art team. The pupils who drew and painted outstanding pictures won prizes and certificates were given to all the pupils.

We had food throughout the first and the second term, we also planted different types of vegetables in readiness for the next term and at the same time to sustain our feeding program. We successfully harvested our groundnuts and maize.

Despite all the good things we experienced, we also had some challenges in conducting our planned activities, like doing charity work at the hospital and visiting the old people in our community. We wanted to take up such activities in remembering you our sponsors, who are doing much for us and for our existence here at Barefoot. We hope that with the introduction of covid vaccine, the disease will reduce so that next term we can accomplish what we have planned for our jubilee year.

Imagine this second term which seemed to be bright, turned out a challenge, the numbers of covid-19 cases increased by hundreds, thousands and as such  we were told to close prematurely for two weeks but now we are told the schools will resume on 16th August, and l hope and pray that it will be so because on the 12th August there will be presidential elections. My prayer is that everything should come to normal as soon as possible.

On behalf of the pupils, teachers and the supporting staff, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you for all the support and sustenance we have received from you in the course of 2021 and the previous years. May the Lord grant you heavenly blessings, good health and joy.

Yours sincerely,


Sr. Martha Phiri O.P



25th July, 2021.

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