Team Report 2024


Dear Friends and Partners,

Delayed by a cholera outbreak, Barefoot Chisankano Community School commenced Term One 2024 on 12th February. Despite this setback, the children and teachers remained healthy, for which we are grateful. Due to the circumstances, the term was less active than usual.


Weekly school assemblies, a tradition, occurred every Tuesday. Uniquely, each academic level undertook presentations each week, providing both educational and entertaining content.                                                                                      

SCHOOL GARDEN           The School garden thrived this term, yielding a bountiful harvest of various vegetables. In preparation for the upcoming term, tomatoes, eggplants, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin leaves, okra, sweet potato leaves, spring onions, green pepper, and English giant rape have been replanted. Additionally, three pawpaw trees and one avocado tree have been added to the orchard.                                       


Despite the delayed start, the faith sharing program continued seamlessly. Lessons on baptism and first holy communion for Catholic pupils began in the third week, with similar meetings conducted for pu pils of other faiths.


The inter-house athletics event took place on 12th April, proving to be a lively and engaging experience. Not only excelling academically but also in co-curricular activities, our pupils participated in a spirited competition among the four school houses, resulting in the Blue House securing the top spot, trailed by Yellow, Green, and Red Houses respectively. The day concluded with a special meal for all pupils.    


This term’s feeding program was commendable, featuring fresh vegetables, soya pieces, eggs, and chicken during special occasions. The pupils appreciated and benefited from the nutritious meals provided.


The Bicycles Donated by MIVA for the Children who walked from far-away places to School.

Since its inception, the School has had no vehicle but we thank God for the new Vehicle, which was co-funded by MIVA and Barefoot foundation. We are indeed grateful for these precious gifts. May God bless you all our Donors for your generosity and Love.                                                  


Despite the country’s cholera challenges, Barefoot Chisankano Community School kept at prioritizing good hygiene and environmental cleanliness. The term progressed smoothly with lessons conducted on school days and reduced on time for extracurricular activities. Looking ahead, there are aspirations for improvement in the upcoming term, which commences on 6th May 2024 following the term’s closure on 26th April.

Sr Susan on the left celebrated her 50TH




Thank you very much to all our Donors, God bless you all

Sr Susan Mwamba

PS. All our pupils passed to  go to grade eight ,17 PUPILS  have been accepted to go to Fatima Secondary school is run by our Sisters and the 8 PUPILs were accepted at Yengwe Secondary School its run by the Government. Excellent results.

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